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Sweet Shrub
Full Sun to Deep Shade
6-12 ft tall / 6-12 ft wide

Calycanthus floridus


  • Native, perennial, erect, rounded, deciduous shrub

  • Showy, fragrant blooms with hints of pineapple, strawberry or banana aromas

  • Flowers bloom in spring, with some occasional flowers in July

  • Grows best in average-to-rich, well-drained soil

  • Prefers some shade in hot summer afternoons and will grow lankier and less dense in shade

  • Tolerant of wide range of soil textures and ph but prefers rich loam

  • Prune immediately after flowering to shape as flowers are produced on last year’s wood

  • Has a suckering habit

  • Tolerates brief periods of flooding but struggles in sandy soil and drought conditions

  • Attracts Pollinators and is a wildlife food source

  • Resistant to deer

  • Also called: Spicebush, Sweet Betsy, Bubby Bush

Zones 4a-9b

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