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False Solomon’s Seal

Full to Partial Shade
2 - 3 ft tall   3-4 ft wide

Maianthemum racemosum


  • Native woodland plant that gets its common name from its superficial resemblance to Solomon’s seal

  • Herbaceous perennial

  • Roots do not like to be disturbed - flowering will be affected for a year or two

  • Prefers moist, rich, well-drained soils, but it also tolerates drier, rockier conditions

  • Fragrant flowers bloom late spring and early summer  

  • Flowers are followed by clusters of small rounded berries

  • Foliage may turn yellow to gold in the fall but sometimes just goes brown

  • Fruit turns from green to translucent red when they ripen in late summer or fall

  • Birds, bees, small mammals use fruit as a food source

  • Divide the clumps in spring or fall, as needed

    Zones 3a-8b

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