Full Sun

Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)

     Zones 4-9     2-4 ft tall

     Purple or white blooms. Most of the Iris we sell are this variety.  You need to dig them up at least every three years and divide as they multiply rapidly.

Iris cristate (Dwarf Crested Iris)

     Zones 3-8     6 in tall

     Light shade. Blooms late Spring

Iris germanicus (Bearded Iris)

     Zones 3-10   .6 in to 4 ft tall

     Full Sun or Morning Sun

Iris pseudacorus (Yellow Flag Iris)

     Zones 4-9    3.5-4 ft tall

     Full sun, moist to wet soil. Yellow blooms in April-May.  Good near ponds

Iris versicolor (Blue Flag Iris)

     Zones 2-8    1.5-2 ft tall

     Needs high moisture. Suitable for water gardens.

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5 Fridays of Butteflies

Mountain Garden Club’s Monarch Butterfly Learning Activities for K and 1st Grade Students at Highlands School


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and Bonnylin
Covey’s K
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Session 5. Monarch Migration
Objective: Students learn that monarch butterflies spend the
winter in the mountains of Mexico, then fly back to the USA in the
Outdoor Migration Game - Highlands School Soccer Field and
the girl
Students divide into 4 groups for a relay game. One group goes to
each of these 4 stations.
• Mountains of Mexico
• USA Gulf Coast
• USA Great Lakes
• USA North Carolina
Students at the Mountains of Mexico put on their wings and girl
butterflies pick up eggs (ping pong balls).
Students at all other stations stand in line at the beginning of their
crawl tubes.
The game at the Gulf Coast, Great Lakes and North Carolina
stations proceed in the same way - girls deposit their ‘eggs’ in the
bushel basket, all students crawl through the tubes (larva/pupa),
students done wings at the end of the crawl tube and girl
butterflies pick up ‘eggs’.
The Mountains of Mexico station is different - there is no basket
and no crawl tube. The students spend winter in the Mexican
Mountains (shiver, shiver) and then fly onto the Gold Coast.
The game continues until all students have spent time at each of
the 4 stations.
Classroom activity to reinforce the Monarch
• Students color in a ‘dot-to-dot’ monarch
migration on map of North and Central