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Resource Links

Below you'll find a list of resources put together by the MGC members. We've expanded our resources to include downloadable PDF's from the NC Native Plant Society on Native Wildflowers, Native Groundcovers, and NC Natives by Season and Color! There is also the 2023 NC Invasive Plants List, ranked by threat.

Just click on the buttons to explore. Check back often for updates. Happy gardening! 

North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook
This is your go-to link for any information you are seeking about plants, trees, flowers, fruit, pruning, fertilizing, diseases, and so much more. It's an extensive website, easy to navigate, and full of valuable up-to-date information. 

FYI: This is the online version of the book used for the Macon County Master Gardener Class.

North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox
The Plant Toolbox website is all about "finding" the right plant for the right spot in your garden.
Filter your search of their current 4,704 plants to find that perfect plant! For example, you could check off light, slope/bank, flower color, bloom time, mountain location (or piedmont or coastal), and native plant. The website would then provide the results. Both scientific and common names are used. All plant information is included. The more specific you are with the filters, the better your search results. There are dozens of filter options to select to pinpoint your search results.

North Carolina Native Plant Society

Here is the link to recommended native plants and trees. They have broken them down into categories. If you are interested in a particular category, click on the tab to see the plants. There are trees, shrubs, vines, ferns, grasses, ground covers and much more.

NC Invasive Plant Council
Click on the button to view a full list of North Carolina Mountain invasive plants. Trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, vines and aquatic plants are listed. Each plant can be clicked for further information, 
photo and PDF fact sheet about how to get rid of these plants.

NC Invasive Plants List
This list has been compiled with input from representatives of the NC Invasive Plants Council, NC Native Plant Society, Natural Heritage Program, USDA Forest Service, NC Botanical Garden, and the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Ranked for Threat Severity. 

Native Wildflowers of North Carolina
Native species are those which occur naturally in an area. They are better adapted to local conditions requiring less care once established. Native plants support our native wildlife, including birds, butterflies and bees (pollinators). View and/or download a PDF.

Native Groundcovers of North Carolina
View and/or download the PDF. The native plants listed are all perennials and should return each year if planted properly. They all attract pollinators, provide a food source, and are available commercially. If your local nursery does not sell these native plants - encourage them to do so!

NC Natives by Season and Color
Created by the North Carolina Native Plant Society, this quick reference guide is a must have while planning your garden. Graph includes the common name, Species, recommended cultivars, shade/sun guide, and wildlife it attracts. View and/or download the PDF.

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