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Club History

Who We Were Then

In 1979, twenty-nine women gathered to form a club where they would learn about gardening and horticulture. Their membership was limited to 30, and they met once a month at a member's home and prepared topics and plants to review. 

Mountain Garden Club Charter Members
Members of Record on December 31, 1979

Mrs. Joseph N. Boaz                Mrs. Frank Hodgkinson                Mrs. Harvey Pierce
Mrs. John Brown,                      Mrs. E. E. Hodsdon,                       Mrs. Robert Rhodes
Mrs. Charles Bryan                  Mrs. Edward Murray                      Mrs. W. F. Saetkow
Mrs. Paul Carroll,                      Mrs. T. A. Jaycox                             Mrs. E. S. Stevens     
Mrs. Tony Chambers                Mrs. Fraser McMenemin              Mrs. John Stewart
Mrs. R. S. Clarage                     Mrs. Fred Morrison                         Mrs. W. H. Stubbs
Mrs. Albert Fendig                   Mrs. James L. Monroe                   Mrs. Sam Tannahill
Mrs. Blanton Fortson               Mrs./ Otto Wiedemann                Mrs. I. A. Trively
Ms. Honto Hall                          Mrs. C. Leslie Newhart                  Mrs. E. H. Ice
Mrs. Tudor Hall                         Mrs. J. J. O'Shaughnessy


Dorthy Wertzler Scholarship
In 1996, the women saw a need in the community and established a college scholarship program for local high school students intending to major in horticultural or geology-related fields. Our first scholarship student in 1996 was Carl Zoellner, who has a thriving landscape business in Highlands. 

Many local children have attended college funded by money from the MGC annual plant sale. By 2017, over $75,000 in scholarships had been distributed. Currently, we are funding five students for the 2023-2024 year.


Who We Are Now
The values of the original club members are still respected: education, community service, and camaraderie. We have a talented group of women and men volunteers who enjoy getting their hands in the soil, and leading and working toward common goals. We enjoy each other's friendship and the experiences others bring.

After 45 years of gardening fellowship, Highlands' Mountain Garden Club remains strong. New members continue to join, projects are expanded, and friendships abound. Those twenty-nine founding women put in some firm roots that have helped the MGC grow and hopefully will bear fruit for another 45 years!

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