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What Zone is Highlands

I have always planted as if I am in Zone 6. Several experienced local gardeners say they have garden spots that are Zone. 5

What are zones and why do we care about them?

The US Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map defines 11 bands across the nation according to average annual minimal temperatures.  The average coldes temperatures for Zones 6 and 5 are:

  •            -10 degrees to zero degrees Fahrenheit in Zone 6

  •            -20 degress to -10 degrees Fahrenheit in Zone 5

The cold hardiness of a perennial plant - the minimum temperature the plant will tolerate before experiencing cold damage - is indicated by the zones where the plant grows.

All of the perennial plants sold at the Mountain Garden Club's plant sale can survive and thrive in Zone 5 and 6.

Use zone information as a guide, not an absolute.  You may have microclimates in your garden where certain plants "winter over" better than others.  Varietal differences, soil condition, drainage, sunlight, wind exposure, mulch - as well as proper fertilizing and watering - also determine which plants will do well for you.

Use the descriptions on the following pages to  help select and care for your mountain-grown plants.



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