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Phlox paniculate (Garden Phlox, Fall Phlox(

     Zones 4-8         3-4 ft tall

     Sun to partial shade

     White, pink, rose, lavender blooms in mid to late Summer. Fairly drought resistant. Very subject to powdery mildew if too wet. Remove faded flowers to prevent reseeding. Spreads easily.

Phlox carolina

     Zones 3-8        3 ft tall

     Full sun

     White, pink, purple blooms in July. Mildew resistant.

Phlox stolonifera (Creeping Phlox, Ground Cover Phlox)

     Zones 4-8       12 in tall

     Partial shade

     Purple or white blooms in May or June.

Phlox subulata (Thrift, Creeping Phlox, Moss Phlox)

     Zones 3-8      Less than 6 in tall

     Bloom colors include lavender-blue, pale pink, deep pink, white and candy striped. Evergreen foliage is stiff, short and narrow.  Drought resistant.


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