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Coral Bells
Full Sun to Partial Shade
6 in. - 1ft. 8in. tall / 6 in. - 1ft. 8in. wide



  • Native, Herbaceous Perennial ground cover

  • Depending on the genus, is an evergreen to semi evergreen

  • Has colorful foliage, tiny bell shaped flowers and tidy, clumping habit

  • Flowering usually begins in June and continues throughout the growing season.

  • Can be grown in the sun or shade depending on the variety, best leaf color in full sun

  • Prefer a slightly acidic pH and moist, well drained soil that has been amended with organic matter

  • Best planted in early spring or late fall

  • Attracts pollinators, hummingbirds and butterflies

  • Deadhead the spent flowers to increase bloom production during the summer and into the fall

  • Mulch to protect the plant's roots in the winter  

  • Divide regularly, about every 3 to 4 yearsDeer and rabbit resistant

    Zones 3a-9b

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