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Clinton's Lily
Deep Shade to Partial Shade

Clintonia umbellulata

  • Native to eastern USA from New York south to Georgia

  • Herbaceous perennial wildflower

  • Excellent groundcover for shady spots

  • Stem supports a cluster of white flowers speckled with green and purple 

  • Flowers bloom from May to June

  • Black, spherical berries follow the flowers

  • Found in rich, moist wooded areas (often near oaks), and dry ridges and slopes

  • Does best in rich, moist, acidic soil

  • Spreads by means of underground, short, thick rhizomes

  • Propagate the plant by dividing the clumps or underground runners in fall or early spring

  • Attracts: Bees, Pollinators, Songbirds

  • Slugs and snails may be a problem

Zones 4a-8b

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