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Bottlebrush Buckeye
Partial Shade to Deep Shade
8-12 ft tall  /  8-15 ft wide

Aesculus parviflora

  • Perennial, multi-stemmed deciduous suckering shrub

  • Understory Tree

  • Erect inflorescence, white flowers bloom early summer

  • Blooming can be quite spectacular

  • Flowers are followed by the nut called a buckeye and are not edible

  • Found growing in moist rich woods and ravines

  • Prefers rich, fertile, well-drained moist soil

  • Attracts pollinators, hummingbirds and butterflies

  • This plant has 1 to 3 in. pear-shaped smooth, leathery capsules containing a polished, brown seed that open in late September/October. Seeds have the pale "buck eye" scar

  • Poisonous to humans

  • Problem for cats, dogs and horses

  • Zones 5a-9b

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