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Payment Authorization Form
Payment Authorization Form:

Expense Category (check one)


_______Address Book

_______Butterfly Garden Hummers


_______Garden Therapy


_______Misc. Expenses

_______Old Jail House

_______Operational Expenses


_______Plant Sale





Submit this form by mail or email with receipts (scanned receipts sent by email are acceptable) within two weeks of purchase.


For program fees, scholarship checks, and other expenses that do not involve receipts, simply submit this form.


Budget adjustments for expenditures exceeding committee/project budgets of $200 or less will only need Executive Committee approval.


Any expense more than $200.00 over budget must be approved by the Executive Committee and presented to the membership for advisement and voted on at the next meeting.

Reason for expense: ______________________________________________________

Date: ____________ Submitted: _______________________________________

Total amount: $_______________________________________

Make check payable to: ______________________________________________

Did you send a copy to the Chair of the Committee or Project? Yes: ________

Submit form & receipts to Committee Chairperson

Approved by: ___________________________________________________

(Committee Chairperson or member of the Executive Committee )

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